An integrated design agency

PDCi, aware of the importance of design for its customers' products, has employed designers since 2007.

Design reinvents eras and is reinvented each era. It adapts to lifestyles, provides solutions, renews and improves lifestyles.

Design is all about enjoyment, sensations, values and discovery. It is an attitude; it is modernity and lightness; it is a concept.

Design, an essential added value

But design is also a question. Louis Kahn said, "A good question is always greater than the most brilliant answer". Knowing which questions to ask is important. The designer often provides a wider view of the problem, leaving room for a sensitive, creative and intuitive approach.

The designer observes and questions cultures, gestures and techniques. He captures trends and is in tune with users and audiences. With intuition and method, he analyses the issues of projects brought to him by his customers, or his own projects, and submits a diagnostic.

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