An integrated design agency

In 2007, experienced designers joined the PDCi team to develop product design. It was only natural that the company include this aspect in order to provide an additional service to customers. PDCi thus has its own genuine industrial design agency.

Design plays a role from the start of the project>

At PDCi, the designer intervenes as soon as the sales offer has been made to understand the specifications and provide his creative vision. Immersed in the mechanical engineering department, he considers all of the project's technical parameters and industrial constraints related to production. Thus, at PDCi, the designer's viewpoint is imbued with technical sophistication and integrates the project's economic targets.

A first meeting with the customer allows the designer to integrate the requirements. He adds to them and develops them with his own vision during the first creative phase. The ideas are then put to the customer, with realistic sketches and rendering, allowing the customer to imagine the project. These avenues of reflection are analysed together with the customer, to fix the customer's choice. After going back and forth a few times with the customer, a final design can be drawn up.

The designer's advice on the choice of materials, colours, ergonomics and legibility complete this service. He will closely follow the project through to its production phase.

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