With a team of business managers, technicians, electronic and mechanical R&D engineers, designers, purchasers, sales administrators, logistics, industrialisation and quality experts, PDCi combines all the necessary industrial skills to carry your project through to success.

PDCi: complementary skills for industrial manufacturing

Since founding his first company, Plasturgie du Centre, in 1987, André Cottard has successfully brought together a diversity of skills to be able to propose a full range of services to customers: Business managers, R&D in Electronics, R&D in Mechanics, Design, Purchasing, Sales Administration, Logistics, Industrialisation and Quality.

PDCi, certified ISO 9001

Certified ISO 9001, PDCi guarantees its customers a project management methodology which uses in-house skills to their advantage. The business manager, an engineer specialised in project management, is the orchestra who sets the tempo of each expert's work.

Design for products with high added value

The project design, in other words the "aesthetics", is the responsibility of the team designer, who puts his creativity to purpose for the product and its packaging. He takes into account aesthetic and ergonomic elements to satisfy the customer.

Engineers in the mechanical engineering service put forward solutions for processes and materials, and all technical-related choices to ensure the product meets our customer's requirements and to ensure control of the project's technical and economical aspects. Engineers in the electronic engineering service cover all steps from analysing requirements, defining the overall architecture and technical solutions through to manufacturing and qualification.

International purchasing division

Purchasers work abroad to source and select suppliers and sub-contractors capable of meeting customers' technical and economic requirements, constantly striving for quality, regardless of the technology.

Industrialisation experts

Our industrial method experts check, at every step of a project, that it meets all obligations related to the manufacturing process in order to ensure that the solutions put forward are fully compatible with industrial production.

The industrialisation manager takes charge, managing a solid relationship with PDCi purchasers and suppliers to ensure standards, quality and time-frames are complied with and that supplies are under control. He also works closely with logistics.

Industrial monitoring, an everyday reflex

In addition to teamwork, PDCi's strength is to set up active monitoring of new technologies and all teams are eager to accept technical challenges. Capitalisation is essential to successfully manage customers' projects. 

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